Make, do, have, take
A Things we make
a mistake

She made a few mistakes on the exam, [errors]
  a meal I had to make my own dinner last night, [prepare and cook something to eat]
  money (U) He made a lot of money when he worked in California, [earned money]
  friends It's not easy to make friends in a new place.
  a decision We can take the red one or the green one, but we have to make a decision (choose the red or green) now.
  noise (U) I can't work when the children make a lot of noise.
  progress (U) Her English is good now; she's made a lot of progress, [improvement]

B Things we do
homework (U)

I forgot to do my math homework last night.

  the housework (U) My father does all the housework in our house, [the cleaning]
  the shopping (U) I always do the shopping on weekends. [buy food]
  research (U) She's doing research in genetics. [detailed study]
  (someone) a favor Could you do me a favor and pick up a newspaper on your way home? Thanks. [do something to help someone]
  something/anything/ nothing

I didn't do anything last night. / Those kids
are so lazy - they do nothing all day long.

C Things we have
food and drink

I had [ate] steak but Paula just had [drank] a cup of coffee.
  a meal [breakfast, lunch, dinner] We had lunch at noon.
  a look Could I have a look at your newspaper?
  a party I'm having a party for my birthday.
  a baby [be pregnant or give birth] Sandy is having a baby next month.
  a nice/good
/great /terrible time
We had a great time in Mexico last year.
  a fight / an argument

I had an argument with my parents again.

D Things we take
subjects [study subjects]

Did you take English in high school?

  a course I took a one-week course in word processing.
  an exam I'm going to take four exams next month.
  a photo/picture We took lots of photos/pictures on our vacation.
  a bus/train/
We were late, so we took a taxi to the airport.
  a nap [a short sleep] I like to take a nap in the afternoon.
  a bath/shower I always take a bath/shower in the morning.

  Notice the use of be + adjective (not have + noun) in these expressions:
She was lucky. I'm hungry. [I want to eat.] I'm thirsty. [I want a drink.]