Give, keep, break, catch, see
  Some of these verbs combine with specific nouns, e.g., give someone a call, break the law, keep the change, etc. You can learn these as expressions.

I'll give you a call this evening, [telephone you]
Could you give me a hand? [help me]
Please give my regards to Paul, [say "hello" to him from me]
Don't make your decision immediately; give it some thought, [take time to consider it]

The coat will keep you dry; the gloves will keep your hands warm. [The coat/gloves will help you to stay dry/warm.] (keep + noun/pronoun + adjective)
I keep losing my glasses. [I lose my glasses again and again.] (keep + -ing)
Please keep in touch, [stay in contact, e.g., call or write to me sometimes]
The school keeps records / keeps a record of student absences, [written information]
That's OK, just keep the change. [You can give a tip for services with the "change," or coins you get back for a payment, e.g., $4.25 from a $5 bill gives 75 cents change.]
Always try to keep your promises. [do what you have romised to do]

He broke the world record again, [created a new record, e.g., He ran the 100 meters in 9.85 seconds, which is 0.1 second faster than anyone else.]
Many people break the law at some point in their life, [do something against the law]
In my first lesson with a new class, I usually do something to break the ice. [to make people feel more relaxed when they first meet strangers]
After elections, politicians often break their promises. [don't do what they promised]

We can catch the bus at the corner, [get on the bus]
How did you catch that cold? [get that cold]
Catch the ball and throw it to Sue.

A: It's easier to carry two smaller suitcases.
B: Yes, I see what you mean. [I understand what you are saying.]
A: Do you think we should rent a car?
B: I don't know. I'll see what the others say.
[I'll ask and find out.]


I'll see to it that no one disturbs you. [make sure/certain]
(I'll) see you later. / See you. [informal; good-bye]