UNIT 78 The Internet
A What is the Internet?

The Internet / the Net is a system connecting millions of computers worldwide. In order to go/get online [become connected], you must connect your computer to a modem [equipment that sends information along telephone lines to other computers]. A popular use of the Internet is sending and receiving e-mail / electronic mail [letters or documents sent electronically] to or from people who are also connected to the Internet. Here is an e-mail address: billc@abcindustries.com

Note: The @ is pronounced "at," and the period is pronounced "dot."

You can download documents and software programs on the Internet, [move information from another computer to your computer] You may be able to download shareware, [software programs to try for free and pay for later if you keep them]

B The World Wide Web
The World Wide Web / the Web (WWW) is a large part of the Internet; it is a system of electronic documents linked [connected] to one another. If you are not sure where to find something on the Web, you can use a browser / search engine, a program that finds information on the WWW or helps you surf the Net / surf the Web [look at a lot of information quickly].
Many businesses, and some people, have Web pages / Web sites [documents you can view on the WWW]. The home page [the main page, which gives general information] is usually the first Web page you connect to at a Web site. You can click on [select] hypertext [special, highlighted words on a Web page] to link your computer to other pages or documents. Here is Cambridge University Press's home page.