unit 98 Signs, warnings, and notices

A Informative signs
Some signs give you information:

for a machine that is
not working, usually
in a public place, e.g.,
a pay phone or
a public toilet.

outside a motel.
It means the motel is
full - there are
no rooms left.

outside a theater or concert hall. There are no tickets left - all the tickets are sold.
B Don't do this!
Some notices tell you not to do certain things:


C Watch out!
Some signs and notices are warnings - they tell you to be careful because something bad may happen:


[Be careful; this will break easily.]

[Be careful not to slip on the floor;
it was just washed.]

[Be careful not to fall, e.g., when getting off a bus.]

[Be careful; there are people here who will steal things from your bag or pocket without you knowing.]

D Notices and warnings on food and medicine
Keep this and all other medications out of the reach of children.
[Don't leave this medicine or other medicines in a place where children can get to it.]
Do not exceed recommended dosage.
[Don't use more of this medicine or take it more often than your doctor or the label on the package says.]
Not to be taken by mouth.
[Do not eat or drink this.]
Best if used before May 5.
[Don't eat or drink this after the date.]