My First Love

My first loveI guess I was about seven when I had my first crush on a boy. He came to my school late in the year, so very few kids were interested in being his friend. He wore glasses so he had to sit up front.
I sat up front too, because I was small for my age and couldn't see over everyone. Our classroom was set up so that the desks were two together. The girl who sat next to me was moved so guess who moved into that seat? The new boy!

I found out his name was Stewart Jelinek He had a brush cut and smelled like Ivory soap.
I had to share my books with him for the day. I spent my recesses showing him around.
He lived in the same direction as me so he and I would walk home together at lunch time.
He gave me candy every day which was a real treat for me. I started playing with him after school. I was in love!

first loveWe started to kiss at recess which had the teachers concerned, but we were just doing what we saw the teenagers doing. At Christmas, I got a bottle of perfume from under the tree. It had "Love from S and J" on it. I was so happy because I thought it was from Stewart Jelinek. I wore it everyday to school until it was all gone.

My crush ended a little after when my mother commented on how much I liked the perfume that my brothers Steve and John had given me. I was very sad that the bottle of perfume had not come from my love. I didn't fall in love again until I was a teenager.