Next day in the garden, Colin called Mary, Dickon and Ben to him. I'm going to show you that the Magic works,' he said.
Slowly, taking a few steps at a time, Colin walked right round the garden. His face was flushed with joy.
'This must be the biggest secret of all,' he said. 'When I can walk and run well, I shall walk into my father's study and say, "Here I am, well and strong!"'

It was very hard to keep the secret. The Magic of the Secret Garden was making Colin bright-eyed and rosy-cheeked. Each day Colin and Mary did exercises to make them strong, and they both grew plumper and healthier. Mary
became pretty, and Colin no longer looked like an invalid. Everyone was amazed at the change.

Now, while the Secret Garden was working its Magic, Mr Craven was travelling in faraway places. For ten years he had been trying to run away from his sorrow and had refused to be comforted.
Then one day, whilst walking in Austria, he sat down by a stream. Gradually he felt his mind and body relax. The peace of the place filled him, and from that moment he felt healthier and happier.
One night, he dreamt of his wife's garden at Misselthwaite Manor. The dream was so clear that he decided to return home at once. As soon as he arrived home, he went to the garden.

He walked slowly, as all his sad memories came rushing back. As he stood by the door of the Secret Garden, wondering how to find the key, he heard laughter coming from the other side of the wall.
Suddenly the door burst open and a boy ran out, almost into his arms. He was a tall, handsome boy, and Mr Craven gazed at him, unable to speak.
Colin stood still and recovered his breath. Then he said, 'Father, I'm Colin. You can't believe it, but it's true.'
He led his father into the garden and told him how the Magic had made everything grow, and had made him strong and well.

Mr Craven had never heard such a wonderful story. He sat by Mary and Dickon and the animals and laughed as he had not done for years. He was so proud of his handsome, healthy son!
'Now,' said Colin, 'it needn't be a secret any more. I shall never need my chair again. I shall walk with you, Father!'
They stood up and walked towards the house. At Mr Craven's side, strong and straight as any lad in Yorkshire, walked his son.

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